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Next Generation Solar Air Heating and Cooling For Your Home

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on cloudy or rainy winter days?

Solar energy penetrates clouds even on overcast days and the SolaMate panel is able to harvest this energy very efficiently.

The SolaMate panel also responds instantly to sunshine. It is able to harvest the maximum amount of heat from those small bursts of sunshine that often appear between showers - even on a rainy winter day.

The smart controller automatically adjusts the fan speed depending on the amount of sunshine, so you can be sure that all the available energy is being captured and transferred into your home.

How much heat does it provide?

Air input temperatures are typically 30-45 �C on sunny spring and autumn days, 25-30 �C for sunny winter days and 20-25 �C for cold, cloudy winter days.

This can raise the temperature of the whole home from anywhere between 3 �C and 8 �C depending on your house design. For example, on a cold winters day of 12 �C, SolaMate could generate a comfortable internal temperature of 18 �C with no heating bills.

You will notice a big improvement in the comfort level of your home and a big reduction in your heating bills.

What happens in spring or summer? Will the house get too hot?

The system has a smart temperature controller that allows you to quickly and easily set the target temperature. It then automatically turns off when the desired temperature is reached so your comfort is never compromised.

How does it cool in summer if it is hot outside?

As soon as the sun goes down the outside air is often 5 to 10 degrees cooler than inside a home. The system brings in this fresh night air to help cool your home overnight. This will bring down the core temperature of your home and reduce the need for air conditioning the next day. The gentle breeze also improves your comfort, helping you to sleep on warm, still evenings.

How much does it cost to install?

No two homes are the same. Price varies depending on the size of your home, number of bedrooms, ceiling height, roof design, etc.

For a simple over the phone assessment from a trained consultant contact us on (03) 9208 4131.

What sort of roof do I need?

SolaMate can be installed on any roof type, including tile and corrugated iron. It is important however to attach SolaMate to a north-facing section of roof to maximise the exposure to the sun.

SolaMate can also be installed on a flat roof by mounting it on a frame.

Will I need any additional heating?

You will need a small amount of additional heating for very cold and heavily overcast days or evenings. The benefit of SolaMate is both the size and the usage of a conventional heater can be dramatically reduced. This of course will vary depending on your home design and your climate zone.

How many panels will a typical 3 bedroom house need?

A typical 3 bedroom house will need two SolaMate panels.

How can I order?

For a simple over the phone assessment from a trained consultant contact us on (03) 9208 4131.

What other benefits does SolaMate offer?

SolaMate brings fresh, filtered air into your home which can help remove dust, mould and condensation. It can also help with allergies, asthma and a higher level of oxygen for a better night's sleep.